Securely automate Microsoft Azure to ensure the right security and controls are in place.

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Monitor and secure your Azure cloud without the burden

OpsCompass is a secure application that accelerates workload migration to Microsoft Azure through security automation and deployment management for modern IT.

Real-Time Intelligence

The cloud provides a breadth of resources and services that can be deployed or changed at an instant.

While that agility is a business advantage it poses a challenge when it comes to tracking, controlling, and securing your Microsoft Azure cloud. OpsCompass - with it’s automated and continuous assessment of your environment - is here to help.

  • Automated and continuous assessment of your critical Azure infrastructure and resources
  • Easy push-button setup avoids complicated setup and additional training
  • Instantly discover high risk environmental changes and policy violations
Real-Time Intelligence
Smart-Policy Enforcement
  • Address Space
  • Subnet
  • Outbound Security Rules
  • Inbound Security Rules
  • VPN
  • Subnet Gateway

Smart-Policy Enforcement

Many policy monitoring solutions require complicated setup and frequent maintenance which increases the risk of an error. OpsCompass automatically goes out to your Azure cloud to discover resources and configurations, create policies, and continuously monitor the environment.

When a change happens in your Azure cloud that violates policy, OpsCompass alerts your team to the issue and you can either accept the change into the configuration or remediate.

Risk and Compliance

By making it easy to track and assess one or many environments, automatically capturing and retaining key Azure logs, and enabling an approval workflow for template deployments, OpsCompass helps companies manage risk and compliance with their Microsoft Azure cloud.

OpsCompass is continuously assessing your environment, securely enabling automated deployments, and capturing key logs so that things like auditing, managing, and maintaining are easier and cheaper than ever.

Risk and Compliance

DevOps and Automation

Microsoft Azure provides companies with robust DevOps and automation features such as Azure Resource Manager and Azure Automation. OpsCompass enables organizations to leverage templated deployments and automated configurations while providing visibility to key IT groups like network, security, and infrastructure.

  • Allow IT groups to visualize template deployments with additional Azure training
  • Provide IT with a simple way to continuously monitor and approve deployments
  • Every deployment is approved by IT, logged, and saved to increase consistency and auditability
DevOps and Automation

Track Costs and Consumption

It can be challenging to track costs and consumption on a platform like Microsoft Azure that’s always changing.

Whether it’s for forecasting or just cost management, IT leadership needs frictionless access to this information. Microsoft provides great data tools for Azure cost and utilization tracking through it’s Power BI platform. OpsCompass makes it easy for by automatically displaying Azure consumption and spending metrics right in the OpsCompass dashboard.

  • Access Power BI Azure Enterprise consumption and spending analytics right in your OpsCompass dashboard
  • Easily share access to spending trends and information with key staff
  • No setup necessary
DevOps and Automation